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The People’s Freedom Council of Southern Africa is the voice of the voiceless

Restoring human rights and sovereignty, freedom of choice, fair and restorative justice, impartiality of the media, environmental security, the future of our children.

Our Vision

“A Pan-African transformed, integrated and economically prosperous, underpinned by the desire for socio-political cohesion driven by its dynamic citizens as a united force in the global arena.”


“To achieve lasting peace where all African people irrespective of ethnicity, gender, origin, political or religious affiliation can coexist or live in harmony in a dynamic socio-democratic environment where all people live joyfully, free of fear and want,


Build a climate of peaceful coexistence throughout Southern Africa anchored by the principles of Ubuntu driven by Batho Pele and economic inclusiveness


The People’s Freedom Council of Southern Africa, believes that Africa’s time is now or never to free itself from the economic and profound colonial slavery of a global financial dictatorship that has enslaved the African continent for many centuries

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Freedom Charter

We, the Founding Members of the Southern African Peoples’ Freedom Council, declare for all Africans and the world to know that the African continent belongs to all who live in it, be that Afro-Arabs, Bantu, Khoisan, Sans, or White people and that no African government can, on orders of their foreign master’s, unjustly claim the authority to continue plundering Africa’s resources and to destroy our environment while African people remain in abject poverty. Our vision is inspired by the need to build the Future We Want; Integrated, Prosperous, Innovative, and underpinned by Social Cohesion. An Africa that peacefully coexists with its natural environment as a backbone of food security projects for poverty eradication.

Self-Determination & Inalienable Rights

We believe that our interests shall be served through Self-Determination and restoration of Inalienable Rights that have been denied since colonialization.

Good Governance & Ethical Leadership

We Declare to reverse the Neo-colonisation culture that manifests in Maladministration, Graft or Corruption, Patronage, and Lack of Service Delivery to the critical masses of our people since the advent of democracy


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