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The People's Freedom Council of Southern Africa.

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Our Vision

“A Pan-African transformed, integrated and economically prosperous, underpinned by the desire for socio-political cohesion driven by its dynamic citizens as a united force in the global arena.”

Our Mission

“To achieve lasting peace where all African people irrespective of ethnicity, gender, origin, political or religious affiliation can coexist or live-in harmony in a dynamic socio-democratic environment where all people live in economic prosperity and feel free from fear and want.

Our Ethos

To be the voice of the voiceless African peoples in the fight against untrustworthy and corrupt politicians that have kept them in abject poverty albeit the abundance of resources that are pillaged, plundered, and looted in pursuit of or on behest of the Globalist agendas

Our Ethos is underpinned by the following principles:

Lasting Peace

A desire to create lasting peace where Africans can live in harmony and in a so-cio-economic and politically prosperous environment driven by common Pan-African ideals, vision & purpose

Sustainable, Economic participation.

To create & drive programs of action (POA) that are African people-centred, all-inclusive, sustainable, and enable economic participation.





Build a climate of peaceful coexistence throughout Southern Africa anchored by the principles of Ubuntu driven by Batho Pele and economic inclusiveness

Reposition Africa’s diplomatic and geopolitical arrangements by introducing the Pan African socio-economic systems aimed at benefiting African People.

Create an enabling environment to break the barriers and unlock access to mineral rights and other strategic resources including water and oil to benefit the African continent.

Increase scope and value of public, private, and international partnerships by inviting African Diaspora to contribute to the total economic emancipation of African people.

To leverage the skills and resources at our disposal in order to build advocacy capability to fight the scourge of poverty, inequality, and unemployment as an instrument to eradicate social ills.

Open centres of research and development in the field of science, linguistics, organic indigenous agriculture, and varying fields of studies including and not limited to health, medicine, cosmology, etc.

Develop skills, expertise, and competencies that will enable the African people to build capacity and capabilities to build world-class infrastructures.

The mandate of the People’s Freedom Council of Southern Africa is driven by Executive Council members who lead Ten (10) Portfolio Committees responsible to drive advocacy-related key strategic policy direction in matters of intrusive political agendas, economic policies that exclude our citizens, social ills due to lack of service delivery, weaponized technologies, all legal and judiciary and environmental policies (programs). The PFCSA Portfolio Committees together with other organizations, civil societies, and concerned groups, focus its main efforts on the following projects:


  • Political landscape transformation that ensures ethical and accountable political leaders working to improve the lives of our citizens.
  • Economic transformation that is all-inclusive and facilitates easy access of its citizens to all economic activities from national, provincial, and local municipalities. 
  • Social conducive environment free from fear and want where citizens have access to free education, health, food security, and social wellbeing (drugs, alcohol).
  • Technology that is non-intrusive to our environment including flora and fauna, nor food supply chain (GMO), pollinators, and our land as our currency (Infrastructure).
  • An unfettered Legal system that treats every citizen as equals before the law and is accessible to all irrespective of political or economic status.
  • Environment security that ensures food, water, energy, and agricultural ecosystem that preserve our natural habitats for the generations. 
  • King Bhungane III of Embo Kingdom
  • King Dr. Bryce Mthimkhulu III
  • Queen Cynthia Mzilikazi
  • King Dlamini
  • King Francis Noweri
  • King Lesiba Nkosi Njomane
  • King Lekhuleni II
  • King Zwelakhe Mthethwa
  • King Ngoza Molefe II
  • Prince Stanley Peterson Khoisan Kingdom’s

The Oversight Committee comprises of the following listed individuals:


  • Ambassador Henry William McCarter (South African)
  • Mister Michael Afflu (Ghanaian)
  • Prince Mduduzi Dlamini (eSwatini)
  • Doctor (MD) Abdul Elgoni (Sudanese but reside in Lesotho)
  • Mister Tim Mellish LLM (British)
  • Mister Steve Mijiga (Malawian)
  • Ambassador Reza Miya (Iranian)
  • Doctor Xolile Jones (South African)
  • King Francis Kalachi Noweri (Nigerian)
  • Judge Mohammed Shaik (South African)
  • General Sankara Fanisa Shezi (South African)
  • Mister Lennox Sola (Botswana)

Affiliated Organisations

Pledges by African Diaspora

Organizational Structure

About us

Our Founders

Ambassador Henry William McCarter


Henry William McCarter, adept at Law, has contributed extensively to African Cannabis Legislation thus
far assisting nine African countries to amend their legislation. Has extensive experience in Family Law,
Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Insolvency, Property, Trusts & Family Law, Insolvency Law.
International Law, Conventions & Treaties and International Banking Laws & Acts.
He was appointed in 2018 to take up the position of African Ambassador for the State of the African
Diaspora as he is well versed in politics and interaction with state officials and governmental advisory
services. His travels have been world-wide, extensively on the African continent and has fostered
relevant and deep relationships across the geographical divides.
In July 2019 he was appointed to the Liberian Economic Development Committee which committee will
encompass the development of West, East and Central African economies.
Continuously engages in consultative and governmental inputs. Member of the Command Council of the
‘Tyrannical banks must fall’ national campaign. He was invited on the Board of 8 Summits Foundation
NPO as a director in 2019. Chairman of the People’s Freedom Council of Southern Africa, Chairman of
the Pan-African Financial Oversight Committee. Special Envoy to the SWAF Federation of African
He has spent 40 years in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation,
operation, finance, and management. Visionary product developer with deep education in research and
analytics. Effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in personnel to
reach organizational goals. Relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback. His
business start-ups include film and music production as Executive Producer of film, advertising and
music videos, the printing industry as well as current African Cannabis ventures.
He has retired and immerses himself in assisting the disadvantaged pro-bono with Family, Criminal, and
Property Law.
His main focus is at the forefront of empowering and uplifting Africa is in attempting to peacefully release
humanitarian and economic funds blocked by governments. (henrymc@pfcsa.co.za)

Ms Sonia D. Sithole

Oversight Committee

She’s a goal-oriented, results-driven, communicator and accomplished marketer working for big industries like Coca-Cola, South African Tourism, and various multi-national organisations.

She possesses all five leadership traits such as Luminary, Entrepreneur, Management, Organiser, and Networking (LEMON), which are critical elements of organisational design and development.

She has worked with communities and local organisations to facilitate political change and services delivery to the masses.

Her ability to communicate and deliver a message across generational gaps is an added advantage that is sought missing in the African continent.

She’s adept at solving complex business and humanitarian problems to bring about lasting change.

She’s a woman of integrity, principled and passionate communicator.

General “Sankara” Siphiwe Shezi

Oversight Committee

General ‘Sankara’ Shezi has more than 30 years of extensive experience in the military environment as a commissioned officer and the latter decade as a military strategist who specialised in intelligence analysis, cybersecurity concept development, and Director and Regional Coordinator for both BRICS and SADC Cyber Work Groups.

He has been at the forefront of designing and implementation new concepts: Peace Building initiatives (Winning Hearts & Minds), post-conflict reconstruction initiatives in Burundi, DRC, Sudan, and disaster relief operations in Mozambique.

Currently preoccupied with finding solutions that will bring about lasting peace in the African continent.

He was appointed as the first African Defence Attache’ in Hanoi, Vietnam from 2007 to 2011 where he initiated and drove “Save the Rhino Initiative”, a project to demystify the rhino horn myth in Asia.

Upon his return, he established the first Cyber Command in the African continent, initiated, organised, and coordinated the SADC Cybersecurity Workgroup, Conferences, and Training Curriculum. Later before taking early retirement, he was appointed head of Directorate Performance Audit of the DOD Inspector General.


Our Vision
“A Pan-African transformed, integrated and economically prosperous, underpinned by the desire for socio-political cohesion driven by its dynamic citizens as a united force in the global arena.”