Founding Statement

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Founding Statement


The Peoples' Freedom Council believes that Africa’s time is now or never to free itself from the economic and profound colonial slavery of a global financial dictatorship that has enslaved the African continent for many centuries. The PFC calls upon all African brothers and sisters to UNITE under our Freedom Council to take our fight to the doorsteps of the very criminals perpetrating the outright theft of South Africa’s assets.

The PFC embraces the fact that Freedom is obedience to rational laws of our own making as moral and sovereign Africans. It views the role of the state as being obliged to abide by the rule of law, so as to protect its citizens in exercising its powers impartially. As such, the state, as the enforcer of the law, has freedom as its basic principle and as its role is to resolve disputes and to ensure compliance, provided that its decisions are just and equitable.

The PFC believes that the people will best be able to live a moral life under a Constitutional state and not a corrupt corporation – which illegally and forcefully pursues selfish foreign interests to continue enslaving Africa by indirect or even direct force.  As sovereign individuals, we have the right to be self-governing and to respect every human being as another self-governing and rational sovereign person. We further have the right and the duty to persuade all others to guarantee a united peaceful world in which we can all live freely, going about our lives and taking care of our families. The PFC believes that no corrupt government has any legal right over citizens.

Our current government has ruthlessly violated the social contract enshrined in our Constitution, has restricted individual freedoms and has been complicit in further enslaving every African. We advocate for our freedoms and to exercise our fundamental rights; we do not require governmental permission to make the free choices that are ours to make, and that cause no harm to others.

"Debt is a cleverly managed conquest of Africa, aiming at suppressing its growth and development through foreign rules. Therefore, each one of us becomes a financial slave, which is to say, a true slave. We are all fighting this system that allows a handful of men to rule all of humanity."

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