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The mandate of the People’s Freedom Council of Southern Africa is driven by Executive Council members who lead Ten (10) Portfolio Committees responsible to drive advocacy-related key strategic policy direction in matters of intrusive political agendas, economic policies that exclude our citizens, social ills due to lack of service delivery, weaponized technologies, all legal and judiciary and environmental policies (programs). The PFCSA Portfolio Committees together with other organizations, civil societies, and concerned groups, focus its main efforts on the following projects:

  • Political landscape transformation that ensures ethical and accountable political leaders working to improve the lives of our citizens.
  • Economic transformation that is all-inclusive and facilitates easy access of its citizens to all economic activities from national, provincial, and local municipalities. 
  • Social conducive environment free from fear and want where citizens have access to free education, health, food security, and social wellbeing (drugs, alcohol).
  • Technology that is non-intrusive to our environment including flora and fauna, nor food supply chain (GMO), pollinators, and our land as our currency (Infrastructure).
  • An unfettered Legal system that treats every citizen as equals before the law and is accessible to all irrespective of political or economic status.
  • Environment security that ensures food, water, energy, and agricultural ecosystem that preserve our natural habitats for the generations. 
Amb. H.W. McCarter
Chairman Amb. H.W. McCarter
Dr. Abdul Elgoni
Dr. Abdul Elgoni
General ‘Sankara’ Shezi
General ‘Sankara’ Shezi