IMMEDIATE BOYCOTT of Shell South Africa

IMMEDIATE BOYCOTT of Royal Dutch Shell

Member’s of the Public are urgently advised to boycott all SHELL PRODUCTS in South Africa for Shell’s *DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION of all sea life off our Indian Ocean (including the Mozambique Channel) in a 4000 kilometre radius from where they are seismically bombarding the sea bed off the Transkei Wild Coast.

SHELL is deliberately killing all sea life from the Cape to Zanzibar extending 4000 kms off shore.

SHELL is destroying almost 300 kilometers of our ocean every day from plankton to whales.

THIS IS THE DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION OF OUR FOOD CHAIN with the approval of the SA ‘government’.

THE PEOPLE’S FREEDOM COUNCIL OF SOUTHERN AFRICA declares the immediate boycott of ALL SHELL PRODUCTS at all their premises.

The United Nations is involved in this Act of War against African people who rely on their food from the Indian Ocean.
Evidence is on our website.

The ‘governments’ of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar should be up in arms, yet are silent.

The Global Financial Cartel wouldn’t terrorize the entire global population unless they have every government on the payroll.

We kindly request our coalition partners to send this Notice to all their networks including all government depts.

Amb. Henry McCarter

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