The Freedom Charter


We, the Founding Members of the Southern African Peoples’ Freedom Council, declare for all Africans and the world to know that the African continent belongs to all who live in it, be that Afro-Arabs, Bantu, Khoisan, Sans, or White people and that no African government can, on orders of their foreign master’s, unjustly claim the authority to continue plundering Africa’s resources and to destroy our environment while African people remain in abject poverty.

Our vision is inspired by the need to build the Future We Want; Integrated, Prosperous, Innovative, and underpinned by Social Cohesion. An Africa that peacefully coexists with its natural environment as a backbone of food security projects for poverty eradication.

1: Self-Determination & Inalienable Rights

We believe that our interests shall be served through Self-Determination and restoration of Inalienable Rights that have been denied since colonialization. The Africa continent We Want must invest in its people’s ingenuity to drive meaningful socio-economic and political transformation that brings about justifiable fundamental changes espoused in the respect of Human Rights. Self-determination and Inalienable Rights are the pillars on which the African peoples’ hard-won Freedoms, Rights, Sovereignty, and Territorial Integrity, can be or are safeguarded. Through Self-determination our Freedoms, Equality, Justice, and Human Dignity, which have been infringed and trampled upon by our governments in pursuit of foreign agendas will be restored.

2: Good Governance & Ethical Leadership

We Declare to reverse the Neo-colonisation culture that manifests in Maladministration, Graft or Corruption, Patronage, and Lack of Service Delivery to the critical masses of our people since the advent of democracy. Therefore, Africa needs leaders with a sense of Accountability to the people, good Governance, and Leadership Ethics that transform African peoples’ lives.

We Demand, an Africa continent anchored in a culture of Ubuntu, which is driven by the Batho Pele Principles as a pinnacle of People-Centred Democracy that respect Human Rights, protect its Natural Environment, the unfettered Justice System, and the Rule of Law. We must build an Africa that doesn’t protect leaders who steal from the poor with great impunity, by working with our masses to install ethical leadership that work for and on behalf of the with the people to achieve their legitimate aspirations

3: Peaceful Coexistence & Harmony:

We resolve to lead the drive for the promotion of Peaceful Coexistence and Harmony throughout the African continent by driving projects that bring about Peace, Security, and Stability. We declare to defend common and indivisible freedoms by harnessing our diversities and a need to be self-reliant. Our African continent’s collective Sovereignty and Human Security, our Natural and Human Resources are being threatened by foreign agendas, which keep us divided. Our goal is to advance all our peoples’ lives in order to build an environment where we can coexist side-by-side as Africans. Our African collective endeavours are focused on bringing about Peaceful Coexistence and Harmony by investing in the “Silencing the guns project.”

4: Equal Rights & Sovereignty

We resolve to spare neither strength, nor effort, nor courage to build an integrated continent, reinforced by the spirit of brotherhood, which transcends ethnic and national differences. The Future We Deserve will be led by a united political leadership, which follows the Pan-Africanism ideals guided by the vision of an African Renaissance which will be an integrated, united, peaceful, sovereign, independent, confident, and self-reliant continent. We sound an urgent Clarion Call that all African States should unite so that the welfare and wellbeing of our people can be assured for generations to come.

5: Food Security & Poverty Eradication:

We declare that Food Security, Agricultural Science, and Technology to feed our African populace will be the cornerstone of our African economy. We must strive to educate future generations that food is produced by soil, the seed, the sun, the water, and the farmer, all interacting with one another. We Want Africa that embodies ecological relationships and the knowledge of Agroecology. Agroecology Feeds Us! Our inspiration to eradicate poverty through a shared vision supported by shared prosperity, which will be built through social and economic transformation of the continent driven by the cutting-edge Agribusiness processes, Pan-African Manufacturing systems, environmental, soil, and water preservation, as a cornerstone of social development. Feeding the planet means sustaining the integrity and diversity of the food web: from the soil to the oceans, from microorganisms to mammals, from plants to humans. The food system is not outside nature and the Earth.  (Dr Vandana Shiva/book who really feeds the world)

6: An Ubuntu African Identity

We strive to build a strong Africa Ubuntu Cultural Identity, which embodies a common heritage underpinned by shared values and traditions of the indigenous African people who transverse our African hinterlands. Ubuntu-based African ethics will shape our future course for forging an African identity, Values, and history of equal opportunities. Africa, we inspire will be anchored in Pan-African ideals, embedded in all spheres of societies. We invoke the Pan-African Batho Pele principles as part of our culture, heritage, folklore, language identity, and spirituality. African languages will be the basis for administration, media of instruction in our education system. We will strive to integrate the indigenous languages in all spheres of our society in order to preserve our African identity. We will repatriate and protect our stolen culture, heritage, and artifacts for future generations. Our determination to make poverty a distant past by building economic ecosystems within our communities in order to bridge the gaps of Inequality and create jobs opportunities

7: Land Shall Be Shared Among The People

Land Shall Be Shared Among Those Who Work It to overcome the extremes of poverty that African have been subjected to, for centuries. All African people irrespective of race, sex, or political affiliation, shall have access to alluvial mining rights on their land and can be allowed to make their own decision for economic partnership. We declare that mineral resources mining rights shall be on the condition that environmental rehabilitation tax is paid before the license is issued.

We shall urge all our African sisters and brothers in the Diaspora to bring their skills and expertise to rebuild African infrastructure capable of bringing services to all African hinterlands. The Africa we aspire will have an integrative infrastructure from which goods, services, and tourism across Africa are facilitated. We shall cease to recognise the colonial borders that continue to be the source of conflict. The access to land will translate into a powerful force, from which progress and conditions for African peace and security will be established and maintained. Opportunities to apply an African Agroecosystem that will feed many generations to come, start with the access to the land of our forefathers.

8: Lasting Peace

We intend to establish a Southern African Constitutional Tribunal: in order to bring about unfettered Lasting Peace to the African continent. We believe that when Africa opens its Doors of Learning and Culture, unleash its potential to ensure that all African enjoy Equal Human Rights. Lasting Peace shall only prevail when all Africans shall have Work and Security, the inequalities in terms of access to decent living conditions and housing, security, and comfort to raise a family free from fear and want.

We shall strive to persuade appropriate international media and institutions to utilize the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to recognize our Constitutional Tribunal which intends to, inter alia, swiftly remove despots installed by foreign states as proxies. We remain resolute in reinforcing relations between all African states by establishing and strengthening common Continental institutions. As a strong, united, resilient influential global partner, Africa will be a major social, political and economic force in the world, with a just and equitable share of land, oceans, and resources. Africa will be an active and equal participant in global affairs, multilateral institutions, a force for peaceful co-existence, entirely capable of having the means to finance her development in every sphere.

Our Vision

“A Pan-African transformed, integrated and economically prosperous, underpinned by the desire for socio-political cohesion driven by its dynamic citizens as a united force in the global arena.”

Our Mission

“To achieve lasting peace where all African people irrespective of ethnicity, gender, origin, political or religious affiliation can coexist or live in harmony in a dynamic socio-democratic environment where all people live in economic prosperity and feel free from fear and want.

Our Ethos

To be the voice of the voiceless African peoples in the fight against untrustworthy and corrupt politicians that have kept them in abject poverty albeit the abundance of resources that are pillaged, plundered, and looted in pursuit of or on behest of the Globalist agendas. Our Ethos is underpinned by the following principles:

  • A desire to create lasting peace where Africans can live in harmony and in a     socio-economic and politically prosperous environment driven by common Pan-African ideals, vision & purpose.
  • To create & drive programs of action (POA) that are African people-centred, all-inclusive, sustainable, and enable economic participation.
  • Integrity
  • Ubuntu Culture
  • Batho Pele Principles
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Democratic Ethos
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Patriotism
  • Professionalism
  • Build a climate of peaceful coexistence throughout Southern Africa anchored by the principles of Ubuntu driven by Batho Pele and economic inclusiveness 
  • Reposition Africa’s diplomatic and geopolitical arrangements by introducing the Pan African socio-economic systems aimed at benefiting African People.
  • Create an enabling environment to break the barriers and unlock access to mineral rights and other strategic resources including water and oil to benefit the African continent.
  • Increase scope and value of public, private, and international partnerships by inviting African Diaspora to contribute to the total economic emancipation of African people. 
  • To leverage the skills and resources at our disposal in order to build advocacy capability to fight the scourge of poverty, inequality, and unemployment as an instrument to eradicate social ills. 
  • Open centres of research and development in the field of science, linguistics, organic indigenous agriculture, and varying fields of studies including and not limited to health, medicine, cosmology, etc.
  • Develop skills, expertise, and competencies that will enable the African people to build capacity and capabilities to build world-class infrastructures.
Executive Council

The mandate of the People’s Freedom Council of Southern Africa is driven by Executive Council members who lead Ten (10) Portfolio Committees responsible to drive advocacy-related key strategic policy direction in matters of intrusive political agendas, economic policies that exclude our citizens, social ills due to lack of service delivery, weaponized technologies, all legal and judiciary and environmental policies (programs). The PFCSA Portfolio Committees together with other organizations, civil societies, and concerned groups, focus its main efforts on the following projects: 

  • Political landscape transformation that ensures ethical and accountable political leaders working to improve the lives of our citizens.
  • Economic transformation that is all-inclusive and facilitates easy access of its citizens to all economic activities from national, provincial, and local municipalities.  
  • Social conducive environment free from fear and want where citizens have access to free education, health, food security, and social wellbeing (drugs, alcohol).
  • Technology that is non-intrusive to our environment including flora and fauna, nor food supply chain (GMO), pollinators, and our land as our currency (Infrastructure).
  • An unfettered Legal system that treats every citizen as equals before the law and is accessible to all irrespective of political or economic status.

Environment security that ensures food, water, energy, and agricultural ecosystem that preserve our natural habitats for the generations.

Southern African Kings & Queens Council
  • King Bhungane III of Embo Kingdom
  • King Dr. Bryce Mthimkhulu III
  • Queen Cynthia Mzilikazi
  • King Dlamini 
  • King Francis Noweri
  • King Lesiba Nkosi Njomane
  • King Lekhuleni II
  • King Zwelakhe Mthethwa 
  • King Ngoza Molefe II
  • Prince Stanley Peterson Khoisan Kingdoms